Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vfest 2015 Feb 10th - Feb 15th!

Vfest 2015 is coming Feb 10th - Feb 15th!
V-Fest is a concert & arts series in solidarity with V-Day, an anti-violence/oppression and womyn's liberation movement (trans-inclusive).  Proceeds benefit local services such as Peaceful Paths, CMC, etc.

Events will include live music, dance party, "ladies band roulette", and a variety show featuring comedy, improv, poetry, dance routines, and acoustic artists.
Participation is open to all people!

Performers & Volunteers get in touch!:
jenarchy1982 at hotmail dot com
subject: Vfest 2015


Weds Feb 11th @Civic Media Center - Vfest Variety Show featuring comedy, musical theater, acoustic acts, and more!
Comedian Rara Imler, Writer/Comedian Alyson Chadwick, music from, Katie Hargrove, Kathy Sohar, Lagoon!, and Musical Theater from Brittany Bennett & Friends!

Thurs Feb 12th @1982Bar - Vfest Band Roulette SHOWCASE
Bands were formed at random on Sat Jan 10th, with 1 month to practice, they will debut and perform at Vfest!
Performance Showcase is Thurs Feb 12th  https://www.facebook.com/events/801864666554130/

Fri Feb 13th @1982Bar - Vfest Live Band Showcase:  Zombie Valentine
featuring Melting Funk Pot, Soundtrack, and Mama Trish!

Sat Feb 14th @Boca Fiesta Backyard - Vfest Live Band Showcase - The Howleez, Party Drag, Gorilla Candy, As Is

*Official After-Party Dance @A-Space with DJ's Keri Smith and DjoshRey
Free entry + donations accepted for Bread & Roses Women's Health Center

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