Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vfest 2011 Feb 9 - Feb 13th Gainesville, FL

V-Fest is a benefit concert series in solidarity with V-Day, an anti-violence and women's liberation movement.

Previously Vfests have benefited Peaceful Paths, Chrysallis Community, and the national Vday fund. This year will be benefiting the CMC and Peaceful Paths.

Weds Feb 9th @ Common Grounds  9pm
NOMORE, Dear Mr. Anderson, The Rochevanies, Kathy Sohar

Thurs Feb 10th @ 1982  8pm
Crepe Paper Wings, Janna Pelle And The Half Steps, Allie Wetzel, Giselle, Jacqueline Le' Blue, WhiteElephantGiftExchange, Dirty Fist
*Dance Party @ 12:30!

Fri Feb 11th Vfest Talent Show / Open Mic @ 1982   8pm
[email jenarchy1982 at hotmail dot com for sign-up]

Sat Feb 12th @ Civic Media Center  8pm
Evan Greer&Family, Gainesville Liberation Orchestra, The Ones To Blame, Lizzy Pitch

Sun Feb 13th @ 1982  5pm!
Plane Out Of Context, Shotgun Diplomacy, Camp Kidneys, Jump Radar, Sleeping Spiders, No Parts, The Savants

(This is the concert series.  Check out more Vday inspired activities in your community and across the planet

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